Join the team.

At KREA, we are making powerful graphic design accessible. We are a small team of engineers and researchers building the next generation of creative software with AI.

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We're proud to be backed by world-class investors. We are happy to disclose who they are over a call!

We are looking for talented and resourceful founding engineers with a passion for augmenting human creativity.

Our mission

At KREA, we believe in the power of AI to breathe life into technology. As AI evolves, we envision a future where human-computer interactions get closer to the way we communicate with one another, transcending the limitations of traditional interfaces.

Our mission at KREA is to shape the future of AI-driven creative tools by placing equal emphasis on crafting intuitive user experiences and developing controllable cutting-edge AI models.

We're excited about the potential of AI as a refined creative medium, letting us bring our ideas to life in virtually any format – from images and videos to audio and 3D.

Our values

Authenticity. We value diverse backgrounds and believe that genuine work, like GitHub repos or side projects, speaks louder than traditional credentials. We thrive on candidness and a growth mindset.

User-Centricity. Our obsession with users drives us to work closely with creative professionals, valuing their feedback and striving to enhance their processes and experiences.

First-Principle Thinking. We encourage questioning assumptions and having open discussions, aiming to discover the truth instead of just trying to be right. We value simplicity and elegance, choosing these over complex solutions whenever possible.

Hard Work. We believe that's the only way to achieve greatness and we are devoted to this ethos.

Open positions

If you share our vision and see fit in any of the following roles, please send a message to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Resume
  • Links to GitHub, personal website, and other relevant work
  • Background – explain what got you excited about AI
  • Technical ability – tell us about the most extraordinary technical achievements you have accomplished

Full-stack engineer

Your role will consist of developing the UI and backend of an AI-first collaborative design tool that runs on the browser. You should care as much about how the product feels as how simple and clean the codebase looks.

You can expect to work with Svelte, Supabase, Postgres, or elastic search, and you should be excited about using technologies like WebGPU, WebGL and WASM in the future.

Signs that you will be a good fit:

  • You have developed and shipped creative tools in the past.
  • You are proficient with web
  • You can write production-ready code.

Machine Learning Engineer

Your role will consist of training, deploying, and optimizing state-of-the-art deep learning models. Your will apply the latest research in the field to build highly aesthetic and controllable image models. We are excited about models like MUSE, Composer, and Consistency Models.

You can also expect to use LLMs on top of the data we gather from the product to help develop features like next-action prediction or the generation of UI elements on the fly, and you should be excited about working on 3D and video generation in the future.

Signs that you will be a good fit:

  • You are confortable understanding and implementing research papers.
  • You have trained distributed deep learning systems in the past.
  • You can write bug-free production-ready code.


Interview process

  1. Videocall to get to know better your background and your goals for the future
  2. If the videocall goes well, we'll do a follow up and send you a technical challenge
  3. If the challenge goes well, we'll invite you to spend some days in San Francisco to get a sense of how us working together could look like
  4. If we find a fit, we'll make you an offer!

Visa sponsorship

We are happy to help with sponsoring your visa.

Perks and benefits

  • 100% medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • In-office meals
  • Tech setup stipend